Terms and Conditions of using the website
Terms and conditions
General conditions
The use of Oligarch site (further referred to as „the site”) constitutes your consent to follow for following Terms and Conditions. Your consent, in this sense, will be given through ticking the corresponding field („I agree to the Terms and conditions”) before the creation of the account.
The terms and conditions sitely to all users/clients of the site (further referred to as „clients”) and take priority over other deals made between the client and Oligarch.
If we suspect a fraudulent account activity or behavior, we reserve our right to suspend it, restrict it or cease your access to the services offered through the site at any moment, without prior notice.
Oligarch has the exclusive right to change the Terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice, and it is your responsibility to periodically consult it.
Oligarch identifying data
The site is the property of Plush BIO S.R.L., headquartered in Ploiești, Rudului St. nr. 51A, Prahova, registered at the Commerce Registry under the nr. J29/932/2016 having the CUI RO36064455, and e-mail address: office@oligarchskincare.com, phone number: Call center: +40219928 (Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 18:00)
Account creation
To use the site, you must create an account and connect to it.
To create an account, it is necessary to enter your name, an e-mail address and to set up your password (we recommend creating a strong password, which would contain at least a capital letter, a digit and a special character – ex. Oligarchpassword10#).
After entering your e-mail address and setting up your password, you will receive an e-mail with a link through which you must confirm the creation of your account. If the confirmation and verification process has been completed successfully, your account will be activated and you will be able to log in through the e-mail address and password entered at the creation of your account.
For more information regarding the way we process your personal data, please consult the privacy policy.
Logging in with Facebook
If you log in to the site using your Facebook account, we use the information of that account, such as: name, profile picture and e-mail address. With all that, the collected data can differ according to the Privacy Policy and settings of these accounts. To verify what data you will share with us, before logging in with the Facebook account, we recommend you to click „Continue with Facebook” -> „Edit the info you provide”, to edit the data and only after that to click „Continue as”.
Site use license
The company grants the clients a free, nonexclusive, nontransferable license without the right for sublicensing, on the territory of Romania, in conformity with the present Contract.
The client does not have the right to fully or partially redistribute the license granted through the present contract. The granting of the license by Oligarch is conditioned by the continued compliance by the client to all limits, restrictions and other terms of license from the present Contract. If the client breaches any of the limits, restrictions or other terms laid down in the contract, the license grant will automatically and immediately end, without Plush Bio owing damages or compensation of any kind. The descriptions in the present section referring to the license define the limits of the right granted to the client by Oligarch. Any use of the license outside the scope of the license or in a way that does not comply with the present contract constitutes a breach of Plush BIO’s intellectual property, as well as a breach of contract.
Site updating
If Oligarch develops a better version of the site previously licensed to the client, the license previously granted will continue for the new version, through manual, automatic or semi-automatic download.
Technical conditions
The site can be used in compliance with the following technical conditions:
Mobile device with an operating system: iOS 9+ or Android 6+;
Laptop/ Computer with Windows OS. Linux OS, iOS;
Access to the internet.
To use the site and have access to the services offered through it, the client must own a mobile phone which corresponds to the technical requirements listed above. Oligarch does not guarantee the compatibility of the mobile phone with the site. Regarding the use of the site, the mobile phone must have access to the internet, the client having to support any necessary costs towards this purpose.
It is forbidden to read copy or manipulate in any way the source code of the site, weather through hardware of software means. Any noncompliance will immediately lead to the banning of client from using the site, ho would also have to support the costs of the eventual resulting damages.
The client is obliged to inform Oligarch immediately about the loss or destruction of the mobile phone used for the site, so that it can block the account and prevent unauthorized use of the site, which contains personal data (including partial data of the bank card used to pay for the products – for more information check the „Card payment” section). The clients will be informed about the blocking of his account. The client will be responsible for any damage caused to Oligarch and/or any of its collaborators through the failure of announcing the loss of the phone, especially in the case in which, as a result of the loss, a theft or an insiteropriate use of the site was made possible.
Age Limit
By using the site, the User attests that he is 18 years of age or, in the case of minors aged 14-18, that they have obtained parental consent for this purpose.
We recommend that parents instruct their minor children not to share their data on the internet.
However, people over the age of 14 can order the products displayed on the site, but only with the consent of their parents. Thus, parents are responsible for transmitting the personal data of minors to Oligarch. They are also responsible for transmitting the bank card data allocated to making a payment on the site.
Placing orders through the site
To place orders through the site it is necessary to create a new account. To place orders, you will be asked to give the following information (if you did not enter the already): phone nr., details regarding the delivery address, payment method.
Oligarch considers the data provided by you to be accurate, complete and current.
For more details regarding the way we process your personal data, please consult the Privacy Policy.
Object of the contract
The terms and conditions represent the provisions of the contract between you and PLUSH BIO.
The object of the contract consists of: (i) the selling of products, in conformity with the stock availability; (ii) the offering of services.
The Price of the contract consists of the price of selling products shown in the site and within the order authorized through confirmation from Oligarch.
The order placed by the client is considered accepted by Oligarch when the client receives a confirmation from Oligarch through which it is shown that the products are in stock and will be dispatched. In this sense, it is not necessary for the client to confirm that they received this e-mail.
The prices shown in the site are expressed in EUR and have VAT (Value Added Tax) included. Oligarch reserves the right to change the prices at any time.
The contract is considered concluded between the client and Oligarch when the client receives from Oligarch, through electronic mail and/or SMS a shipping notice for the order.
How to order
The clients can place orders through the site, by adding the desired products to the card, followed by finalizing the order by following the steps shown in the site. Through finalizing the order, the client consents that all the provided data, necessary for the purchase, are correct, complete and current at the date the order is placed.
To place an order, you must follow these steps:
Browse our products
Inform yourself about our products on the site www.plush-biocosmetics.ro or on the pages within the site, through the „Description” and „Additional Information” sections shown next to the product.
Choose the desired products
Once you find a product you want, enter the product page, select the quantity and press the „Add to cart” button.
Shopping cart
After adding the product to cart, press the „Cart” button, where you can edit the quantity of selected products.
Delivery data
After you check the products, the quantity and the price and you agree with them, press the „Continue” button. Fill in the required information in the new window. If you previously filled in this information within the „My account” section, you just have to confirm the entered data.
Finalizing the order
Once the previous steps are completed, make sure once more the products from the cart are the ones selected, and then press the „Place order” button.
After this step you will receive a confirmation e-mail, with the order data.
Payment method
Currently we offer our clients the possibility to pay for the product price (contract price) only, this being online bank card payment.
Card payment
Ordered products can be paid online, using PayPal or with a bank card, the payment through processed by mobilPay (Netopia L.L.C.). For more details regarding the mobilPay service, please consult the Terms and conditions on http://www.mobilpay.ro/terms.
A part of the data pertaining to your card is processed by Plush BIO. Thus, we store only a reference to the card using a code, the expiration, the first and the last 4 digits of the card nr. Otherwise, all data is processed by mobilPay.
Bank transfer payment
If you wish to make a bank transfer payment, we inform you that you must contact us, since right now the site does not technically allow the placement and conclusion of the order in this situation.
The contact data you can use for this purpose is:
Call center: +40219928 (Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 18:00)
Email: office@oligarchskincare.com
Thus, after you contacted us and we confirmed we have the products, before we send them to you and we have confirmed the sum that needs to be paid, please make the transfer for the communicated sum using one of the accounts below.
After the transfer, we ask you to send us the payment order so that we can send the ordered products in the shorted time possible.
Name of the beneficiary
*These accounts can only be used by people who do not reside in Romania.
Shipping payment
For orders from EU member states or states outside the EU, the cost of the transport is approximately 25 euros and shipping will be made through DHL International Romania L.L.C. (further referred to as „DHL”).
For non-EU states the customs tax is paid for separately when picking up the package, the recipient. In this sense you will be contacted by a DHL representative (usually through e-mail) which will provide you with all the necessary information.
The right to withdraw from the contract
According to legal provisions, when you buy through our site, you have the possibility to withdraw from the Contract, under a term of 14 days from the product delivery, without giving a motive.
To exercise this right, you must communicate your decision within 14 days from receiving the products to the following contact data:
Plush BIO S.R.L., str. Trandafirilor, nr. 7, sat Tatarani, com. Barcanești, jud. Prahova.
E-mail: office@oligarchskincare.com
Call center: +40219928 (Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 18:00)
When you withdraw from a contract, we will refund your purchase cost and shipping cost within 14 days from the withdrawal. With all that, we mention we will refund the money only after the return of the products.
To refund the sum, we use the same payment method you used to pay for the cost of the products and services, if we do not priorly convene differently.
When you exercise this right, you must immediately ship the products, but not later than 14 days from withdrawal, to the following address:
Plush BIO S.R.L., str. Trandafirilor, nr. 7, sat Tatarani, com. Barcanești, jud. Prahova.
We mention that all the costs associated with the return of the products will be handles by you.
It is very important to remember you are considered responsible for any decrease in the value of the product.
The right to withdraw from the contract is not applicable in the following situations:
Products are custom made to your request;
If you opened the packaging of cosmetic products and/or other products that enter contact with the skin.
Product Delivery
Plush BIO assures the proper packaging of the products and the sending of accompanying documents (bill, shipping documents).
The performance and delivery time of your order can vary between one and five business days, according to both the lab formulating program and the courier firm availability. Regarding the courier firms we mention the aforementioned term can be exceeded, as we cannot manage the effective delivery of a product after the it has been handed over to the courier.
Also, during the promotions displayed through the site, the aforementioned term may be longer, being influenced above all the production time of the products, but also by the number of orders.
Order delivery is assured through courier firms, both for EU member states territories and outside the EU in Qatar, the USA etc. through DHL. Once handed over, the packages become the responsibility of the courier firm. Plush BIO is not responsible for eventual losses or damages resulted from the transport process.
Offers and promotions
With the exceptions of cases where it is provisioned differently, for each order there can be only one promotional code used and the code cannot be added after the placement of the order. The promotional code can be used according to the displayed campaign, in absence of differing provisions.
Liability and liability exoneration
As a user of the account created on the site, you are responsible for the data privacy of your account and password and for all activities carried out on your account.
The client is fully responsible for the ordering and use of products, especially in cases where the possibility of travel and consultation does not exist. Products may contain Vitamin A and derivatives, flower or fruit acids, AHA or depigmentation substances that can make the epidermal temporarily sensible.
The product images on the site are for information only. Even if packaging differences may occur, we assure you of the quality of your Oligarch product.
In order to keep the freshness of Oligarch products, we manufacture them in small batches and, therefore, it is possible that there are differences in texture and color, depending on the batch they belong to. These differences are influenced by the active substances used, because they are natural and may be differ depending on the season and the area where the raw material comes from.
Because Oligarch products may contain allergens, before unsealing and using them, we recommend that you read the ingredients they contain carefully, and as long as you know you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients, do not use the product.
If you notice an allergic reaction as a result of using the product, stop using the product immediately and consult with a doctor.
Oligarch products are cosmetics that do not replace medical advice from a specialist and the use of which does not guarantee in all cases the desired results.
Although the ingredients used for the production of the products are of the highest quality and most clients get good results, the results can differ from case to case, considering each organism is different.
The results can also be influenced by hormonal conditions or other conditions of the user.
Oligarch disclaims any liability resulted from any guarantee implicit or implied in reference to the possible results of the products. This Clause does not limit in any way your law given rights.
Rights to intellectual property
The content of the site is owned exclusively by Plush BIO, having all rights reserved thusly.
Plush BIO has the right to use including, but not limited to, any line of code, algorithms, technical innovations, photos and any other intellectual property associated to the site.
The only has limited rights regarding the site, which are expressly established in the present contract and does not have any other rights, implicit or otherwise.
The site is licensed, not sold, the clients having upon it only a nonexclusive right to use it.
Copying, distributing, publicizing, transferring, altering modifying the content of the site or the site’s license of use are all forbidden.
Processes of modifying, translating, deriving or attempts to alter the site for the purpose of finding the source code will be sanctioned according to Romanian law.
Any use of the site, information or data offered to the client for other purposes that the ones meant to fulfill your obligations is also forbidden.
Oligarch site and symbols are trademarked by Plush BIO.
This site is secured, the following technical and organizational measures being implemented:
Use of the SSL certificates. The SSL certificates encrypt data before this can circulate the internet. Encrypted data can only be decrypted by the server they are addressed to. This, in principle, guarantees that the data sent to our website will not be stolen or changed;
Restricting data access conforming to the roles and permissions of the user;
Access to the databases is made through a random username and password. The databases can only be accessed from the company’s private network.
All card payments are processed by an authorized payment processor, mobilPay. For more details about the mobilePay service, please consult their terms and conditions: http://www.mobilpay.ro/terms.
A part of the data associated to your card will be processed by Plush BIO. Thus, we store only a reference to the card through a code, the expiration and the first and last 4 digits of the card. Otherwise, all data is processed by mobilPay
Plush BIO guaranteed, within the confines of the law, to keep the client’s personal data privacy and their right to protect their private life.
The data provided by the clients will remain Plush BIO property and will be used in relations with it’s business partners exclusively for the purposes of the performance of the contract.
In conformity with the General Data Protection Regulations (EU) number 679/2016, we can divulge your data to tertiary parties, like our proxies (the society that deals with the site maintenance, the accounting society) or our service providers (meaning mobilPay, courier firms).
For more details about how we process your personal data, please consult the Privacy Policy, and the Cookie Policy.
 Final provisions
Physical persons – consumers
European Dispute Resolution Platform
For the purpose of solving some eventual misunderstandings between you, as a consumer and Plush BIO, as a trader, that result from the contract, we inform you that you can resort to the European platform for Online dispute resolution.
The European platform for Online dispute resolution (ODR) is made available to you by the European Commission to raise safety and fairness for online buyers, offering access to quality tools to solve disputes.
You can access the ODR platform at the following internet address: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=RO.
ANPC Notification Form
For the purpose of resolving any misunderstandings between you, as a consumer, and Plush BIO, as a seller, resulting from the Agreement, we inform you that you can make a referral to the National Consumer Protection Authority.  More information can be found on https://anpc.ro/.site.
10.1.2. Legal persons
To solve some eventual misunderstandings between you and Plush BIO, we have to ask you to contact us to amicably remedy it. If the Parties do not reach an understanding, the appropriate court of justice from a territorial point of view is the one from the Plush BIO office.
Applicable law
The present contract is closed in English and is governed by the legislation of Romania.