Oligarch Range

Oligarch pictures the definition of testosterone, which leaves an unforgettable, grandiose imprint on your skin, increasing the confidence and attitude of any Oligarch wearer.

Oligarch  are innovative skin care products that offers an unforgettable, luxurious experience, with the role of improving the appearance, confidence and attitude of any man.

Oligarch Range has been designed to create premium skin care products and deliver long-lasting results with the best ingredients, gathered from all over the world.

Oligarch is a high quality line formulated especially for men who are not afraid to be sexy, for those who appreciate luxury and quality.

Oligarch represents men born to be  leaders in everything they do and who are able to understand that personal care is vital in both in personal and professional appearances.

The formulas are cosmetics of the highest quality, they are ISO certified (ISO 22716: 2007; ISO 9001) and they are dermatologically tested.

We do not believe in unisex, but in feminine and masculine. That is why we created a range of gentlemen’s cosmetic since your skin needs to be pampered.

One of the most important stages in the ritual of a perfect shaving: skin preparation. Shaving experience must be different, organized, depending on each skin type. That is why we launched the Pre Shave gel to oil range with a refined texture.

As a final step in the ritual of a perfect shave experience, the application of an After Shave is essential. Therefore, the products in the After Shave Range represent an olfactory and tactile experience, one that you must keep in mind all day long and that will help you stand out among others.

Modern men who seek action all day long,  sometimes need to spend some nights only for themselves and for their tastes and pleasures, and that is why we thought of the serum that would accompany you like a concupiscent olfactory emotion and that will protect your skin.

Men we adore are athletic and understand that their Adonis type body must be cared for in order to be contemplated. And that is why we considered “Six Pack Body Lotion” and “Thor’s Hammer Pre Workout Spray” to accompany you in the full of testosterone experince from the gym.

Clearly Oligarch man is the sum of all the strong, masculine, tough personalities who are able to lead the world and who know how to appreciate an old brandy, a very scrutinized espresso and a leaf cigarette. To pay homage to this and the Oligarch man’s body, we designed the range of body oils as a complex experience of power, refinement and care.

In addition, modern men assume incredible, extremely personal tattoos that tell stories and facts, and they must accompany them for a lifetime. For this reason, we considered the range of cosmetics for both black and colored tattoos so that their pride (of tattoos) should be flattered for as long as possible.

If we are talking dirty, then at least the skin should be clean. Because washing your face is boring without a quality gel, we have formulated a luxurious version for those mornings when you have to feel like a king.

Exfoliation should be a daily gesture in the skin care ritual. That is why we created the face and body scrub with delicate organic particles that offer a total and intense regeneration of the epidermis.